What is the next future paradigm?

We suggest the next paradigm, which has already begun, will be dominated by the comprehensive integration of cooperation. Less emphasis will be placed on competition as a way of operating, both internally and externally. This does not mean that competition will disappear as a driving force for performance and stabilization of the business environment, but it will probably be reframed.

What is the System of Operation for the FuturePerfect Business?

The FuturePerfect business environment will be dominated by the integration of knowledge, people, and cooperation. Where

  • Knowledge refers to generating and leveraging intellectual capital(Knowledge-Based Age);
  • People refers to developing, facilitating, and ensuring the performance and well-being of employees, (Values-Based Age);
  • Cooperation refers to organizing employees and processes for maximum teamwork, collaborative learning, and cross-functional integration (Age of Connectedness).
What is a Creative-Adaptive Midset?

A Creative-Adaptive Mind-Set is one that not only anticipates change, but also drives what the future is likely to be. To find out how creative-adaptive you are, take the test on the exercises page.