The Monochronic/Polychronic Self Test

This test is an instrument designed to assist you in understanding your personal cultural preferences, with respect to both work style and management style. It may serve as an indicator of how you might adapt in certain organizations and global regions.

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Qualities of a Creative Adaptive Mind-Set – A Self-Test

A Creative Adaptive Mind-Set is one that not only anticipates change, but also drives what the future is likely to be.

Instructions: Place a check mark on the line adjacent to the qualities you presently possess to a significant extent. Then highlight the qualities you believe would contribute most to your performance and overall well-being that you are not presently doing. Begin each phrase with "I".

_____ bore easily of the routine _____ balance reason and possibility
_____ involve others in my work processes _____ am a risk taker
_____ am receptive to the opinions of others _____ utilize the past to improve the future
_____ experiment with creative ideas _____ am visionary
_____ am highly adaptive/flexible _____ anticipate the unexpected
_____ practice continuous learning in anticipation of change _____ am receptive to personal growth related to change
_____ am receptive to criticism _____ am highly creative
_____ am open to dialogue that challenges my way of thinking _____ am not stopped by confrontation or resistance
_____ trust my inner guidance _____ realize I am not in control
_____ easily "let go" of how things are presently done _____ am always searching for new ideas

Total number checked: _____


16-20 checks – exceptionally creative adaptive.
11-15 checks – creative adaptive.
5-10 checks – reluctant to change.
0-5 checks – (strongly) resistant to change.