Dr. William A. Guillory

Dr. William A. Guillory is one of the most dynamic transformational speakers, and conference and seminar facilitators of our time. He speaks to subjects that are at the forefront of our thinking, such as "The Seven Principles of Cultural Compatibility,” "The New Leadership for the 21st Century,” "Work-Life Quality, Balance, and Integration,” "Diversity–The Unifying Force of the 21st Century,” "Living Without Fear–Redefining Our Way of Living,” and other related topics involving personal and organizational transformation.

Dr. Guillory is an authority on diversity, empowerment, leadership, creativity and innovation, and quantum-thinking.His most recent cutting-edge program involves "Leading and Managing During Turbulent Times,” and "Achieving Work-Life Quality, Balance, and Integration.” Bill’s published books include: "Realizations,” "It’s All An Illusion,” "Destined to Succeed,” "Empowerment for High-Performing Organizations,” "The Living Organization–Spirituality in the Workplace,” "Tick Tock! Who Broke the Clock–The Power of Work-Life Integration,” and his most recent publications, "The FuturePerfect Organization,” and "Animal Kingdom–A Diversity Fable.”

Christoper Harding Christopher Harding

Chris Harding presents Innovations' courses on Diversity, Empowerment and Creativity. Having most recently worked as the President and General Manager of a worldwide television, home video and record sales and distribution company, Chris' additional experience includes previously serving as Director of New Product Development and as Western Regional Sales Representative for the company's audio cassette manufacturing division. Earlier, he also formed and ran a national all-purpose shipping and transportation sales company.

On the creative side Chris' credits include developing, selling and serving as executive producer on such films as the multi-festival award winner, Disney's Summer of the Monkeys, Fox Family's Coming Unglued, CBS Television's Emmy-award-winning movie The Christmas Box, and the multiple award-winning, City Boy for the Disney Channel and PBS/WonderWorks.

Chris has also sold and produced numerous entertainment specials for Walt Disney Television and ABC-TV and has authored two books, the first of which is being released in fall of '99 (The Reindeer Boy with Book World Publishing). By studying with numerous teachers and immersing himself in various disciplines and forms of business and creative application, Chris has gained a broad range of direct experience and techniques that assist him and those with whom he works in learning to experience and express their authentic nature in meaningful and productive ways.

Daniel Guillory Daniel Guillory

Serves as CEO and General Counsel to Innovations International. Prior to working with Innovations, Mr. Guillory was a corporate and securities associate at Pillsbury Madison & Sutro LLP, and remains a member of the California Bar. He received his J.D. from Harvard Law School and his B.A. in international relations from Stanford University. In addition, Mr. Guillory studied international law at the Université de Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne. He is fluent in French and conversant in German. Daniel delivers classroom training for Innovations International on topics such as leadership, diversity and empowerment for many different corporations and non-profits including the YMCA, Merck & Co, and Anheuser-Busch.