The Answer:

"As quickly as it takes to change your mind."
- Leland Kaiser, former Professor of the University of Colorado Business School

This book has outlines the description of the high-performance organization for the 21st century, strategies for implementation, and a three-day leadership-learning program for launching or integrating this initiative into your present operation. It integrates the most progressive concepts from the recent past, present, and future paradigms of business operation; knowledge, people, and collaboration, respectively. The underlying premise of this program is very simple, "the best way to adapt to the future, is to create it!" The process of creation involves projecting one’s imagination into the future and defining what an exceptional (or great) organization would be doing and how they would implement such FuturePerfect strategies. Then, have leadership project themselves into that future state in terms of principles, management practices, and behaviors. The result is the organization transforms by the inspirational process of "being pulled into" an exciting new future, rather than being "pushed" in a stepwise manner through each inevitable change process.

In this case, our reference is to the "collective mind" or "collective consciousness" of the organization. The dynamics of this process is illustrated by the Figure on the right.

The first step is a transformation from a linear adaptive mind-set, as the driving force for achieving a High-Performance Organization to a creative-adaptive mind-set as the driving force for achieving a FuturePerfect Organization. The second step is a "quantum leap," on the part of leadership, into thinking and behaving as though the FuturePerfect state had already been achieved and then systematically "pulling" the organization into that FuturePerfect state. This is the essence of "leading from the future!"

The FuturePerfect Organization